Dear Formership, I hate you. Sincerely, Dudeship.


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Formership- You are a beast.  You are so simple, yet so confusing. You are the eternal scourge of my existence because… frankly… you suck. You make life so difficult for the dudeship writers because every week or so you knock on our door and yell “NO WAIT! I’M AN EXCEPTION, I SWEAR!!!!!”. Dude… I’m not buying it. And stop knocking on the door please. It’s loud, annoying, and frankly, my roommate is sleeping.

Formership, why do you think you can claw your way out of being a dudeship and into “genuine friend” zone? You think that just because two people dated and have decided that they are not right for each other that they can just be friends? What happens when one gets into a relationship? Who takes priority then? Formership, you sound more like a committed relationship with all the emotional intimacy but without the sex than you do a friendship.

But it does beg the question. When two people date, become genuinely romantically disinterested with each other afterwards, take some time off, then reconnect as great friends at a later time… what is that? Is it still a formership? If they both believe they would never date each other ever again, but enjoy the intimacy of knowing each other so well BECAUSE they dated… what’s going on here?

I’m seriously considering creation of a WTFship… because I’m seriously puzzled here. Could use some help from our readers. Now is your time to shine.

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1 Response to Dear Formership, I hate you. Sincerely, Dudeship.

  1. Hot Mess says:

    I think it still remains a formership. The definition of formership is very clear: a friendship between two people who used to date. I don’t know all the details of said ex that you’re referring to here but it sounds to me like perhaps you are not ready to create a formership with your ex. She’s still in ex-land and doesn’t fit into any dudeship with you at the present moment. It sounds like SHE wants to be friends but maybe you don’t just yet? Again, I don’t know the whole crux of the situation but that would be my 2 cents given the amount of information given above. Hope it helps!

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