Redefining the Friendship

For those who read through our ebook (www.dudeships.netand think that in our material we are extolling you to give up your opposite sex friendships, you couldn’t be more wrong.  What we are doing is reclassifing those friendships into either Dudeships, Organizationships, or Coupleships.  The terms are the foundation of the Dudeship principals, and you cannot graduate to your sophomore year at Dudeships University without a firm understanding of them.

If you are in a CR (if you aren’t yet familiar with our abbreviations, give our ebook a long overdue glance) and still maintain that your best “friend” is a member of the opposite sex you are living in a fantasy world. Once you understand the Dudeships idea, you will understand that the above situation is as crazy as a rational adult trying to convince somebody that their best friend is a 5 year old.  The similarities are important.  Do you have to severe ties with your opposite sex best friend (OSBF)?  No, of course not.  But you do have to redefine the parameters of that friendship (see “Dudeships Recovery Plan” in the ebook you are long overdue to look at).  If you and your 5 year old best friend went out for meals alone, called and texted on a regular basis, and we’re emotionally dependent on each other that would probably raise a few red flags.  Think of your OSBF in the same way.

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1 Response to Redefining the Friendship

  1. Future4Fina says:

    Ahhh. If I read your e-book several years ago, I might not have ruined several friendships. Then again, I would’ve lost out on the experiences…which weren’t all bad. You can read about those on my page; I’m interested to see what you have to say about ’em. Thanks for stopping by! Perhaps my next good read will be written by you! 😉

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