Cell Phones = Relationships Barometer

Text Message Notifications

Image by Skokie Public Library via Flickr

If you’ve read our eBook, you understand that we’ve chosen to help mankind by simplifying the experience of male-female friendships.  For those of you dreading the dangerous waters of having close friends of the opposite sex WHILE you are in a relationship, let us help you avoid the inevitable fight that is coming your way when your significant other decides he/she is no longer ok with that “friend” of yours.

The first and only place we need to look for this exercise if your cell phone.  You see, the cell phone – in addition to becoming a handy little, must-have, do-everything, I-can’t -be-without-it device is also a relationship barometer.  This isn’t limited to romantic relationships.  Give any stranger 15 minutes with your phone and they’ll be able to deduce quite a bit about your life.  Your text message chatter, your call frequency to certain people, the emails that are sitting on your phone (if you don’t yet have email on your phone don’t worry, one day you will – it’s the inevitable hand of progress…….like the driver’s side airbag), all are a conduit into your social life. So as you struggle to incorporate the Dudeships philosophy into your life, we offer this crucial piece of advice – start with your cell phone.

If you are in a committed relationship and need to redefine some of your opposite sex friendships, your cell phone is ground zero.  Are you texting friends of the opposite gender “just because”?  Stop.  Now.  It’s a crutch that you don’t need, and will potentially create confusion or jealousy later on.  It’s not worth the risk.  Replace those texts with texts to a same sex friend.  Those phone calls for no reason should stop too.  Call your girlffriend instead, or your boyfriend, or your soroity sister or fraternity brother.  Reaching out in this way can only strengthen your dudeships, jeopardize your CRs, and confuse the hell out of you.  It’s not worth the risk.  Get on this program for a month and you’ll be confident that after 15 minutes of digging through your cell phone your significant other will understand that indeed you are on the Dudeships bandwagon(in a good way).

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