Your Girlfriend’s Straight Guyfriend: Who Is This Guy???

Actor Jason Bateman

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  1. He wishes he could be you… Not in a role model kind of way… more like a rummage around in your trash, steal your personal information and steal your identity sort of way.
  2. He liked your girlfriend first… and he’s quite bitter about it.
  3. He has a long-term plan regarding your girlfriend… and spoiler alert… you’re not included.
  4. He gives her advice. Think critically for a moment… do you think he’s on your side?
  5. He has watched more romantic comedies than you, and he really truly believes that the girl ends up with the best friend. He really wants this to be real life.
  6. He may never tell your girlfriend how he really feels… or he may just suppress it until you’re out of the picture(or worse… on the rocks. Go back and look at #4… you think this guy has your back?)
  7. He is basically Jason Bateman from this movie. –

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Does your girlfriend have a guyfriend? What are your thoughts on this guy?

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