A Practical Guide To Cross-Gender Friendships

What is missing in today’s marketplace is just that-  A Practical Guide To Cross-Gender Friendships. We find ourselves, our friends, and our pop-culture icons in these relationships all the time. In fact, I bet you’re in one right now.  But we in our 2010 culture still don’t know exactly where to put cross-gender friendships in our mental map. We find ourselves fidgeting when we try to classify them-

  • Friends… with benefits.
  • Friends… but I would date her if she was into it.
  • Friends… because she knows lots of hot women.
  • Friends… because my boyfriend/husband just doesn’t talk to me the same way he does.
  • Friends… until she breaks up with her boyfriend.
  • Friends… but down the line, who knows!

We’ve got this one broad term to describe a whole mess of things that just doesn’t have a category in our mental map of relationships.

Here’s what I’d like you to do right now. Decide that you’re not playing this game anymore. Decide that once and for all you are going to live your life to the fullest by having straightforward relationships in your life that you can pour yourself into without the fear of being rejected for WHO YOU ARE.

You rock. The people in your life should agree.

Read the Free eBook on the subject and leave a comment below letting us know how we did.

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