My guess is that there is a reason you are reading this right now. Maybe you have a girlfriend and she has 6 trillion guyfriends that claim to be platonic… you want to believe her, but something is nagging at you and you can’t put words to it. Maybe you have a boyfriend who has lots of “friends” who are girls, but even though they are just “friends”, you still feel jealousy. Guess what. These are normal feelings not to be suppressed, talked down, or buried. These are serious issues that need a serious talking out. Welcome to that conversation.

We are a small group of individuals with one purpose: To educate the enlightened few who choose to stop walking in darkness about what’s really going on with the whole idea of men and women being “friends”.

So if you are done walking in darkness, proceed to www.dudeships.net/ to find a detailed analysis(for free) of why men and women CANT be friends. Why free you ask? Because we, like you, have been on the quest for answers, and we rather just give them to you instead of making you pay for them.


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1 Response to Welcome.

  1. Eric Amzalag says:

    Great first post guys. I can’t wait to see the rest of the content you guys are gonna put out.

    Come to think of it.. there was that time with that girl…
    Are you guys gonna offer counseling or anything? I definitely have a twin brother that needs that…

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